b. 1985 Chile

Carolina Alvear Bello is a Swedish artist, coordinator and curator, working within the cultural field. She graduated 2015 in Textile Art (BA) – at Konstfack, University College of Arts, Craft and Design.

Between 2015-2018 Carolina received an Artist in residence at Satans Demokrati, an interactive art and theater performance in Nacka, Stockholm. This enabling Carolina developing collaborations with other artists and a continuance working with art in Nacka.

Carolina has exhibited in several group exhibitions, both in Sweden and Berlin, Germany. Carolina received a grant trough the exhibition Haninge Salongen (2017-2018). This leading working with workshops and projects in Haninge Kommun, amongst them the latter is working as a coordinator with 2 public art projects in Jordbro and Brandbergen.

2018 Carolina formed together with other Nacka artists a gallery known as Arkivet för temporär konst. The group curated 5 exhibitions during the fall of 2018. Arkivet för temporär konst are still located at Nacka working with future projects.

In her art Carolina works with existential questions of our identity, reality and immaterial realm. Through installation, technology, textile sculpturing and performance she portrays a fine line between surrealism and reality, power and vulnerability working towards social interaction. She uses the body as a method for creating, as a machine or tool that shapes forms that are influenced by inner ideas, impulses and subconscious thoughts. Carolinas art is a dichotomy were knowledge and fantasy, body and mind, reality and dream are not separated but are in co-existence.


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